Luminate<sup>®</sup> Aluminium Composite Panel

LUMINATE® is an Indonesian-made Aluminum Composite Panel to answer the growing demand of excellent decorative building materials in Indonesiaand neigbouring countries. LUMINATE® panels are made of 2 protective coated aluminum sheets with a solid LDPE core, making them lightweight yet sturdy and flexible for any constructions and allow innovative architectural designs for interior and exterior applications. LUMINATE® comes in 2 different types, LUMINATE® PE, designed specifically for interior usage and LUMINATE® PREMIUM (PVDF), designed specifically for exterior usage (containing UV protection additives).

Product Specifications

  • Overall Thickness:

  • Aluminum Thickness:
    0.21 (PE) & 0.3 (PVDF)

  • Dimension:
    1220 x 2440 mm / Custom

  • Weight:
    4.5 kg (PE) & 4.7 (PVDF)

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