We understand that the use of recyled products has an enormous positive impact on the environment. Some late studies have shown that products made from recycled rather than virgin materials have resulted in significant reductions on energy consumption, water usage, and carbon dioxide. A clean environment is everyone's concern and we are all socially responsible to conserve the natural resources and our community well-being. Therefore, we believe that plastic waste is a unique resource that can be reformed and reused into other long lasting products through the process of Plastic Compounding and Plastic Recycling.

Plastic Compounding is a process of mixing plastics material with additives based on certain composition to carefully produce new materials with optimum properties. We provide tailored compounding service based on customer's needs using either prime virgin polymer or our own high quality recycled feedstock to improve overall quality, versability, and usability of the end pellet. We are also able to enhance the material with various additives and colors. All this will be done per our customers' requirements and specifications.

Plastic Recycling is a process to recover the waste value (such as used plastic bags, used bottle water, etc.) by converting them into a different useful products. We sort the plastic waste according to their resin classification then we cleanse it thoroughly by washing and drying procedure to remove all dirt and impurities before melting it into small plastic pellets.

With more than five decades of experience with modern technology and professional employees, we have a handful of repeat customers who have trusted our recycling and compounding expertise. We facilitate their businesses by maximizing their waste materials' results at the lowest fee and shortest processing time.

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