Royal<sup>®</sup> Roof

ROYAL®Roof is an innovative roofing profile made ​​of high quality ASA / PMMA and uPVC. The ASA/PMMA material helps in preserving the roof color as well as to provide further durability of the roof. The design of Royal® Roof is intended to replace traditional roof tile products. The unique, strong, and patented construction of ROYAL®Roof, makes the installation quick, easy, and economical while at the same time provides a modern and attractive look. Just like our other uPVC roofing products, Royal® Roof also comes with 10 years warranty, ensuring that you will have a peace of mind in regards to your roofing investment.

Product Specifications

  • Thickness:
    2.6 mm

  • Width:
    1.04 m (0.96 m effective)

  • Length:
    1.98 m (1.76 m effective)

  • Area Size/Sheets:
    2.06 m² (1.69 m² effective)

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