uPVC Roof

Our uPVC roof product line is the result of our innovation to solve the problems of conventional roofs such as Metal, Asbestor, Polycarbonate, and Fiber roofs. We introduced our first uPVC roof profile back in 2004 under the brand name of Rooftop®. The success of Rooftop® inspired us to further expand the uPVC roof product line and thus in 2008, we introduced Formax® Roof. Our latest innovation on the uPVC roofing product line is Royal® Roof.

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ROOFTOP® is the first innovative double wall corrugated vinyl roofing profile in Indonesia that is e...

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Formax Roof®

FORMAX®ROOF is an innovative corrugated roofing profile that is designed to replace conventional roo...

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Royal Roof®

ROYAL®Roof is an innovative roofing profile made​of high quality ASA / PMMA and uPVC. The ASA/PMMA m...

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